Saturday, April 24, 2021

How to Make Salisbury Steaks

I loved how quick and easy this Salisbury steak recipe was. I did cheat a bit on the gravy. You can make your gravy from scratch, I used a can of mushroom gravy added some onion flakes and cooked it with my mushrooms. Serves 4 (unless there are seconds) Total Time: under 30 minutes.


20 oz ground beef

1/3 cup Italian bread crumbs 

1 tablespoon Italian seasoning 

2 tablespoons dried onion flakes 

1 tablespoon ketchup 

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 

1 large egg, beaten

Salt and pepper to taste 

3 tablespoons olive oil (divided)

6 oz sliced brown mushrooms 

1 can mushroom gravy

1 tablespoon dried onion flakes 

1 tablespoon dried parsley, to garnish 


In a large bowl combine the first 7 ingredients (through salt and pepper, to taste). I tried to use something other than my hands, but gave up. Make 4 patties. In a large skillet on med/high heat add 2 tablespoons olive oil. When hot add the 4 patties and cook until desired temperature (mine is slightly pink inside). Turn heat down to low.

In another skillet add the remaining tablespoon of olive oil and on med/high heat cook the mushrooms for 5 minutes. Add in the can of mushroom gravy and tablespoon of dried onion flakes, stir to combine. Cook a couple minutes then transfer the cooked patties on top of the gravy, but spoon some of the gravy on top of the patties and sprinkle on the parsley, cook a couple minutes then serve with your famous mashed potatoes and a side vegetable. 

Why didn’t I just pour on the gravy over the patties in the skillet the patties were cooked in? I felt there was too much grease. If you can drain the grease or remove patties and drain grease then add patties back in and top with gravy, I suppose you can do it that way too. Or transfer to a serving dish then pour on gravy. Whatever works for you. Enjoy! 


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